Pizza delivery driver stunned when Tennessee man pays it forward with $100 tip

A Sumner County man is doing what he can to pay it forward as the state and world continue to grapple during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A member of the Sumner County Jeep Crew and avid Jeep owner, Doug Barlow ordered a pizza over the weekend from Pizza Hut and decided to leave quite the tip for the delivery driver.

Barlow left the man a $100 tip and the driver’s reaction literally stopped him in his tracks. After making the doorstep drop-off, the driver heads back to his car when he realizes the tip then stops and stands looking at the door. While the home security camera didn’t catch the audio, Barlow says the driver called him to thank him and said the gesture made his week.

Barlow says it isn’t the first time he’s made such a gesture and its all part of paying it forward. “The reason I did it is to pay it forward,” Barlow says. “I am blessed to still have a job and afford to be able to do it.” Barlow has done it before at a drive-thru and says it makes him feel “like I have made a difference for someone.” Posting the video to social media, Barlow added “not all of us are as fortunate as we are…this was his response on my camera, it just makes my heart melt. #payitforward.”